Asatte Press Revamps its Website

AUSTIN, TEXAS – 29 July 2013 Today Asatte Press, Inc. announced a top-to-bottom redesign of its website to support the new company focus on engineering skills, products and services.

Knowledge and XML Technology, the Next Step

In the last two years, Asatte Press did extensive work in XML technology for publishing, developing a complete in-house tool-chain for publishing full-color print and eBooks. That technology was based on the Asatte Press APDOC content markup language and included in-house developed XSLT 2.0 model-to-model transformations to move information from a logical content model to the Apache FOP physical page layout as well as to the EPUB 2.0.1 web publishing model.

Our next area of focus is going to be on SysML and UML (which are also XML technologies) as well as associated modeling technologies such as MathML and BPML as needed.

Continuing Production of Skill-Oriented Books

Our next book will be: Systematic Software Modeling which will focus on a novel application of SysML to software application modeling.

Asatte Press intends to continue with the development of the Systematic™ series of books. However, the emphasis of the line will shift from personal skills to industrial and engineering skills.

Asatte Press print publications are available from Asatte Press eBooks are available for the Kindle, iPad, and Nook platforms.

Introducing Professional Services

Asatte Press is now offering industrial customers select knowledge and engineering modeling services including:

Software Products

In 2014 Asatte Press plans to begin rolling out software products that complement existing systems and software modeling tools. Some of these will be tightly tied to our books. Others will simply extend and enhance the capabilities of tools provided by other suppliers. The first two planned products include:

About Asatte Press

Asatte Press is a knowledge company. We deliver highly integrated books, software products, and engineering services.

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