Asatte Press Announces More Focused Product and Service Offering

AUSTIN, TEXAS – 10 October 2014 Today Asatte Press, Inc. announced a more focused product and service offering.

Simple Books and Tools for Complex Problems

Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) is a powerful approach to designing complex systems. MBSE starts with a careful analysis of:

Starting on this carefully constructed foundation, MBSE practitioners build a database that accountably traces all aspects of the design and implementation of system back to these first principles.

In the last twenty years, the software tools industry has made a number of excellent tools that can be used to implement a MBSE strategy using OMG's SysML standard as well as a number of other specialized mathematical and other modeling approaches. These tools are very powerful. They can handle tasks up to and including planning the implementation of an aircraft carrier and all of its associated support ships.

Unfortunately, these tools tend to be both very expensive and very difficult to use. It is not uncommon for such tools to come with several thousand pages of user documentation that covers hundreds of features, application programming interfaces, and settings – yet contains almost no “Where do I start?” information.

Because of the large expense and steep learning curve associated with these tools, usually a substantial organizational commitment is required in order to get started. An “all or nothing” approach may be needed with a lot of organizational discussion. It can be difficult for individual engineers or even small teams that do not have specific backing at the C-Suite level to get started using MBSE.

Asatte Press books, tools, and services bridge this gap. Our offerings:

  1. Focus on small concrete problems
  2. Are inexpensive to get started with
  3. Do not require extensive training to use
  4. Do not require an all-or-nothing organizational transition to MBSE in order to be useful.

Life Skills Products

Asatte Press also has a number of personal life skills books and products. However, these are not a major investment focus.

About Asatte Press

Asatte Press is a knowledge company. We deliver highly integrated books, software products, and engineering services.

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