Erich Walrath Joins Asatte Press

AUSTIN, TEXAS – 16 February 2015 Today Asatte Press, Inc. announced that Erich Walrath has joined our team of authors and consultants. Erich has extensive experience in defining and leading software quality projects for the medical device and pharmaceutical industries. Erich will be looking carefully at the disciplined requirements engineering methodologies that Asatte Press offers to the automotive, telecommunications, and oil exploration industries and assessing the potential for applying these same systematic approaches in the medical device and pharmaceutical domains. Asatte Press is pleased to welcome Erich to the team and looks forward to his contributions to our books and practices as well as the publication of his first technical reference book.

About Asatte Press

Asatte Press provides books and services focused on using state-of-the-art model-based systems engineering (MBSE) techniques to help small teams solve complex problems.

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